A beginning

I am sitting at my desk looking outside at a beautiful fall day that I didn’t expect to have. They (that mysterious “they” who tell us what our year of weather will be like) said we would have snow by September, and here we are at the end of October with no snow yet. And I am so grateful for that. It’s not that I mind snow, or even winter, but where I live we just get this bitter cold that lasts for months – and that’s what I hate. That’s what makes me want to move. That, and the oil boom that has largely ruined the things that I loved about our state of North Dakota.

But these fall days make me start to crave those cozy, warm, comfort food dishes. The dishes I never got as a child because my mom was always a bit of a food snob – she looked down on what she called “peasant food”. Dishes like stew, a nice pot of beans, pot roast, pork neck-bones and potatoes, etc.

I love food. I joke sometimes that I should be fat with how much I love good food. I love to cook – something about creating some delicious dish for my family is therapeutic to me. I love that my oldest daughter wants to learn to cook, and likes being in the kitchen with me. I have a weakness for cookbooks; I have more than I probably should, and spend time finding recipes online to put in my binder – my homemade cookbook as it were. I come by it naturally though, both of my parents love to cook, love to feed people.

I’m coming late to the blogging world. I’ve seen so many ideas that I loved but that have already been done. I’ve thought about starting to write a blog many times before, but always figured ‘what would be the point? Who would read it?’. What’s different now? Other than not being in nursing school anymore and feeling more comfortable in my own skin, not a thing. Still, if you never try these things, you’ll always wish you had.

But I like the idea of sharing the things I make with the outside world. I find that I enjoy entertaining (more than I thought I would), and I love when people ask me for a recipe. It’s a warm, satisfying feeling. And even if no one ever reads it, it’s a bit cathartic for me.

So, to anyone who might be reading, welcome to my home.


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