Midwinter thoughts

This has been the kind of winter that doesn’t make me hate living in North Dakota. One where I don’t feel trapped and rather miserable with the bitter cold stark, sunless months. I’m grateful for these El Nino years. We have snow, and a season change, but the days are nice enough I can enjoy the outdoors with my girls. If only every year was like this one, I wouldn’t want so badly to move away from this state.

I took my girls out for a walk yesterday at one of the nearby campgrounds. It’s a nice place to go, almost like being in the woods, there’s usually not many people, and I can let my dog off the leash to roam and explore. She loves that – my Callie is a giant, furry baby.

A bonus for me is that the running, the exploring, the trudging through snow drifts means that my girls and the dog get tired out – which makes for a nicer evening at home afterwards.

My uncle who is living and working up in the oilfields mentioned that he’s seen 7 robins already. Now, many people – particularly those who don’t live in our area – may not know that the first robin sighting means spring is right around the corner. I have yet to see a robin in my yard, but I’ve already seen flocks of geese flying northward on one of my walks.

These little birds are rather plain, ordinary, unexciting birds. But for me, the first sight of one is such a happy one as it heralds the end of winter. I’m waiting!



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