Scenes of Jamestown

A few years ago, my husband and I took a short weekend motorcycle trip to Jamestown, ND. My main reason for picking Jamestown was that he really loves the Buffalo City Grill there. It’s since changed ownership, and we honestly haven’t been back since, but at the time it was a great place.
I’ve been going through my photos, organizing, sifting, deleting, and getting ready to move everything onto my external hard drive so that I don’t run the risk of losing them. I wanted to share a few here.

These photos are of the Frontier Village in Jamestown. My husband and I are both history nerds, so any place we go we’re looking for historical sites to visit.

This is the Basilica of St. James. A beautiful church in a small North Dakota town.

Fort Seward – another historical site we visited. They built this beautiful Veterans Memorial Wall there, in the middle of a field on top of a hill.



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