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Seizing a minute to breathe


I often wish I had the life of one of my pets. So carefree from day to day, your only thought of food and the next person to shower you with love.
My little Casey Cat is such a loving little thing, taking every opportunity to curl up in a lap, even if it’s only for a minute or two. Purring constantly, it seems, which is for me an incredibly soothing sound.

It’s often hard for me to just stop and breathe, let alone enjoy moments in my everyday life. Even something as simple as a hug from my husband – I often find myself pulling away too soon because of all the things to do. And yet, his arms around me are comforting – when I stop to enjoy it I feel a sense of relief from all the everyday stresses. The problem is taking that moment, brushing aside the to do lists and the childrens cries for attention.

What does all this have to with my sweet kitty? It’s the way she is content to curl up with you for those precious few minutes of peace, and never seems to mind being shifted so that I can attend to my girls. It’s a reminder for me to appreciate the seconds and the minutes in my day, not letting them get lost in the chaos of the big picture of the day.

Emma M.


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