Books for Kindergarten

Homeschooling my deaf 6 year old has certainly been a challenge. But it’s been incredibly rewarding to watch her growth over these last few months. Most especially, when we get to sit down and have her read a book to me. Of course, she reads with her hands (ASL), but she sees the letters on the page and she knows what word it is. That’s reading – with or without her voice.

I used this series of books with my oldest when she was learning to read – the Bob Books (available over on Amazon). The books go along with the teaching of phonics (i.e. the sounds letters make).

They begin with short, simple, 3 letter words that can easily be sounded out. There are 12 books in each set, and they add new sounds as you progress. Granted, my daughter isn’t able to sound the words out, but she’s beginning to make the appropriate sounds when we go through the basic alphabet. Meanwhile, it’s exciting for her to be able to read a book herself!


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