Cross Roads



I stand before a cross road
beside a field of wheat –
The grasses bending –  not breaking –
In the harsh prairie wind.

The sharp crunch of gravel
Punctures my thoughts
And I stop
Looking for a sign –
Which way to go?

Neither direction
Better than the other
I am faced
With life’s inevitable choice …
And no signs to warn the way.

Soft pink on the left
Outlines the path before me –
Hardy prairie roses
Offer a blush of comfort –
A reminder of home.

To the right
vivid yellow sings out –
Sunflowers standing tall
An eloquent message
of contentment  and cheer.

Sunlight beams down
Revealing ghostly, golden guardians-
In front of me.

Soft smiles flit
Across their faces
I hear whispers –
“faith … hope … strength …”

Velvety fingers
Brush my cheek
A warmth –
Like the sunlight-
dries my tears,
and I feel a sweet promise
of release.


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