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Wearing too many hats

The other day, I was feeling overwhelmed and stretched to the max. It was one of those days that I barely could muster the patience for my kids’ bickering or anything else. We’ve been playing some catch-up on math and science with my 9 year old, and I’m trying to write a years worth of lesson plans for my 4th grader and 1st grader over the summer. This on top of the day to day things like taking care of the house, working, and still trying to find some free time. There are days I can handle these responsibilities and others I just feel like it’s too much. This was one of those days.

And then a friend of mine shared this devotional on her Facebook page. It always seems as though I find the encouragement or words I need to hear just at the right time. Call it God, fate, coincidence …

How many hats do you wear in the course of a day? For me, in a typical day I find myself playing the role of mother, wife, friend, teacher, counselor, nurse, cook, referee. And often there’s even more. In the post I referenced above, the author, Karen Ehman writes:

“Sometimes these hats are stacked so high that trying to balance them all on competent-but-anxious-and-exhausted heads sends us toppling over completely! 

It’s easy to misplace our identity in such roles.”

That is more true than you know. Why is it that as wives and mothers we forget to be who we are? We get so wrapped up in doing for others that we fail to take care of ourselves and forget that we are anything but a wife and/or a mother.

And so we are reminded of this bible verse from Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

The post continues:

“However simple these verses may be, sometimes fleshing them out in our lives isn’t always easy. Especially in today’s society, a climate of endless activities often breeds busyness. And busyness usually births an anxious soul, as we wrongly surmise that busyness equals importance.

As a result of buying into this keep-moving mindset, we have practically no white space left on our calendars. Our kids are carted from one activity to the next and many families hardly eat dinner together anymore. Something in us longs to “do more” by painting our lives in a bright, bold shade of busy.”

We need to find a pause button in our day, to learn how to take a step back and be okay with the things that may not get done. We need to slow down, enjoy each other, and learn to ask for help when we need it.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed – as long as we know how to relieve that weight so that we’re not crushed by it. Prayer, meditation, exercise, playing with our kids, or some combination of them all.




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