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Learning about family

With a new year of school just around the corner (I can hardly believe our summer is already nearly over, with our public school system beginning next week already), I’ve been actually taking some time off of making lesson plans (which have been much needed for my sanity) and trying to think about fun projects and things for heading back to school.

One of the things I had planned for my first grader (my deaf daughter) is a project to learn about family and family relationships. She knows the titles – aunt, uncle, cousin, and so forth, but I don’t think she really understands how our roles in our families differ based on who we’re connecting ourselves to (i.e. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and grand-daughter). So while it’s not a vocab building activity per se for her, it’s a concept building one, certainly. She still remains behind on vocab (in ASL), as well as concepts (specifically more abstract ones), and so that is a big goal for us this coming year to increase those vocab skills and understanding of concepts.

For this project, I pulled out my Cricut and the heritage cartridge, because I plan on, once we finish the activity, to glue it all together and then we can hang it on our wall.20160819_101822.jpg

I wrote each persons name on a leaf, and left those and the relationship labels loose so that 1) I only had to cut one copy of the labels and 2) we can move them around as we need and show the different relationships to different people.

I’m actually really excited to do this project with her. The only thing that’s missing that I want to get is a photo of each person (to help her better visualize who we’re talking about).


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