A Merry Little Christmas

Image courtesy of http://www.lorieline.com

Every year, Lorie Line comes to our town and puts on a holiday concert. She is such a talented pianist and composer, and I have played quite a bit of her piano music myself for years. I’d never been able to go to her concert while I was younger,  it wasn’t until I moved back to North Dakota from Germany that I was at a place in life I felt like I could go. My husband was very unenthusiatic at my proposition to go with me – in fact I believe his exact words were something along the lines of  “Isn’t there anyone else you can go with?” I happened to mention this to a good friend of mine, and she said that she had been wanting to go herself but her husband wasn’t willing to go either.

So we made a date of it, dinner out, drinks, and then the concert. And every year since we’ve attended together. This year will make our 6th year going together. It’s become a holiday tradition, and I’ve gotten to the point that I’m really not all the way into the Christmas spirit until after her concert. Last year, I finally took my oldest daughter (almost nine at the time) to it, and she really enjoyed herself – so I promised her that she could come with us again.

My daughter and I at Lorie Line; 2015

Lorie Line comes up with a commemorative bell every year to go along with her theme that particular year. I never had picked one up before, but my daughter wanted one so badly that I got one for her – and now I’m thinking of getting another this year. Why do I have a feeling this will turn into a collection for us? Still, this bell (below) would look awfully Christmas-y on my mantle this year …

Our tickets are for tomorrow, and I absolutely can’t wait! I’ll have to take some pictures this year …


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