Invisible Wounds

This is a poem that has been in the works for many years – since about 2005. It’s gone through revision after revision, and I’ve never quite been satisfied with it, especially the ending. This is a point that I’m happiest with it, so I’ll share it now (although I suspect it’ll go through more revisions in the future …)


They drown in memories,
dodging nightmares …
jumping at shadows only they can see.

The war they fought
still rages in their minds …
the sights, sounds, smells –
forever imprinted in their minds.

We call them heroes
we ask them to tell their stories –
but they won’t let us
become a part of their hell.

We can’t understand
the rage and contempt
all we see
are cold, angry beings –
hardened souls.

We desperately wish
for their war to be over
thinking they can just forget.
But their war has really just begun.
Their wounds may be invisible –
but the scars are still there.


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