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Our (new) Kitchen Table School

It has been a whirlwind in our home lately, and I’ve had so much on my plate I’ve taken a break from writing anything on here. It’s been refreshing in a way. We’re working on replacing the exterior of our home (due to hail damage) – siding, roof, windows, garage door, and deck. Thankfully, our… Continue reading Our (new) Kitchen Table School

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Learning about family

With a new year of school just around the corner (I can hardly believe our summer is already nearly over, with our public school system beginning next week already), I’ve been actually taking some time off of making lesson plans (which have been much needed for my sanity) and trying to think about fun projects… Continue reading Learning about family

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Why I am learning ASL (#whyisign)

As a parent of a deaf child, it’s been very important to me to give her a language. In a world that’s dominated by hearing people, it’s very easy to associate¬†language with¬†speech. While speech is a part of language, it’s not the only part. A quote that I love from Thomas Gallaudet: “American Sign Language… Continue reading Why I am learning ASL (#whyisign)