Veterans and Memorial Day – an unexplained anger

Memorial Day is a day that has become just another glorified Veteran’s day to people – but mostly, it’s become a day that just marks the beginning of summer, and gives most people an extra day off work. It is a weekend that people go camping, BBQ, and gather with friends or family. Sure, some… Continue reading Veterans and Memorial Day – an unexplained anger


A Merry Little Christmas

Every year, Lorie Line comes to our town and puts on a holiday concert. She is such a talented pianist and composer, and I have played quite a bit of her piano music myself for years. I’d never been able to go to her concert while I was younger,  it wasn’t until I moved back… Continue reading A Merry Little Christmas


Christmas Spirit

It is that time of year that all the beautiful, festive Christmas lights and other decorations go up. I truly love this time of year (the cold and snow notwithstanding). There is something about the holiday spirit, the happiness that people seem to feel, the smiles one gets in the stores that you wouldn’t see… Continue reading Christmas Spirit

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Norwegian Secret to winter

Winter is, for me, one of my most hated things. And unfortunately, living in North Dakota, where our winters chill to the bone, bury you in snow, and last for what feels like most of the year, makes for a pretty miserable existence. But here we are, and as much as I’d love to move,… Continue reading Norwegian Secret to winter