Combing through photos

Fort Abraham Lincoln holds a very special place in my heart. It is a place that I spent a lot of my summers – reenacting with the 17th U.S. Infantry. Ft. Lincoln is the place from which Custer and the 7th Cavalry departed from in 1876, heading to where they would ultimately lose their lives… Continue reading Combing through photos


(Dreaming of) Summer – Photos

I finally transferred some pictures from my camera’s memory card to my computer. I’ve been using my phone camera so much because it’s always there, but it certainly is limiting. I came across a few pics of my youngest daughter at 6 months (she’s now 4!). There were a few shots landscape shots that had… Continue reading (Dreaming of) Summer – Photos


Christmas Spirit

It is that time of year that all the beautiful, festive Christmas lights and other decorations go up. I truly love this time of year (the cold and snow notwithstanding). There is something about the holiday spirit, the happiness that people seem to feel, the smiles one gets in the stores that you wouldn’t see… Continue reading Christmas Spirit

Home and Family

Christmas Memories – Holiday Foods

Ah, the foods. The wonderful food that Mom would make. She  has always been an amazing cook – though I have wished that she would sometimes make the same dish more than once, or cooking some “boring peasant food” that is to the rest of the world comfort food (like pot roast). Why is it… Continue reading Christmas Memories – Holiday Foods